Quality policy

Quality policy

In order to make our company an international company that is aware of its responsibilities towards its customers, employees, society and the environment, a quality leader in its sector;

  • To place the awareness that our customers are the reason for our existence in our company and to clearly identify and fulfill their needs and demands in this direction, to ensure our customer-oriented, efficient growth and independence, to adopt the principles of innovation and sustainability by creating future-oriented solutions for our customers, and to adopt the principles of innovation and sustainability,
  • To present our products completely in accordance with the legal requirements and by following the current technology, at the predetermined time and conditions,
  • To provide customer satisfaction with the principle of customer focus, by meeting the needs and expectations of customers and consumers with the participation of employees who are conscious with effective management, communication and training equipment,
  • To take the necessary measures and to carry out continuous improvement activities in order to reduce the errors that may occur regarding our products and their consequences,
  • To continue working in accordance with occupational health and safety and environmental conditions,
  • To ensure the continuous development of our personnel by applying programmed trainings, to continuously train internal and external suppliers,
  • To continuously improve the quality system, to provide services without sacrificing quality with the principle of minimum cost and maximum service,
  • To increase the satisfaction of stakeholders and employees,
  • To train our employees for ensuring and maintaining quality and product safety,
  • To provide our customers with the products produced in environments that comply with the regulations regarding Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Product Requirements, Product Safety and GMP, and the conditions of the quality management system, with a perspective of continuous improvement,
  • To comply with internationally accepted ethical rules,
  • And believing in the accuracy of our goals, we are committed to developing our products and services with an understanding of superior quality, applying them with the highest standards at every stage, and complying with the requirements of the quality management system.

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